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US-6254843-B1: Process for the reclamation of calcium sulfite produced by a calcium-based FGD system patent, US-6302272-B1: Package, packing method and transporting method for brittle sheets patent, US-6312055-B1: Lock device of seatback patent, US-6320632-B1: Color reflection type polarizer patent, US-6396168-B2: Programmable logic arrays patent, US-6397162-B1: System, device and method for estimating evapo-transpiration in plants patent, US-6405743-B1: Dampening of solenoid operated valve patent, US-6423787-B1: Polymers, processes for producing the same, and curable compositions produced therefrom patent, US-6450167-B1: Intraoral device patent, US-6458426-B1: Method for depositing a patterned layer of material over a substrate patent, US-6575122-B2: Oscillating sootblower mechanism patent, US-6625387-B1: Gated silence removal during video trick modes patent, US-6750485-B2: Lock in pinned photodiode photodetector patent, US-6807536-B2: Methods and systems for computing singular value decompositions of matrices and low rank approximations of matrices patent, US-6817294-B2: Plate storage and loading patent, US-6832155-B2: Methods and apparatus for determining phase ambiguities in ranging and navigation systems patent, US-3932063-A: Liquid ring pumps patent, US-3940005-A: Safety closure means for pressurized bottles and other like containers patent, US-3954533-A: High pressure-burning propellant composition patent, US-3987973-A: Device in machine elements with closed casing patent, US-4023836-A: Split flange retainer for flanged conduits patent, US-4069234-A: Preparation of vicinal epoxides patent, US-4072944-A: Imminent collision detection apparatus patent, US-4097919-A: Illumination system patent, US-4103837-A: Loom core patent, US-4106376-A: Replaceable rotating workpiece spindle with normally closed collet patent, US-4145582-A: Moving coil pickup having a substantially square magnetic armature mounted in an air gap adjacent a square face magnetic member patent, US-4155650-A: Micro-article processing system patent, US-4167342-A: Control system for matrix print head patent, US-4185832-A: Position matching board game apparatus patent, US-4227399-A: Apparatus for contacting samples with water vapors patent, US-4231669-A: Device for receiving a writing implement patent, US-4270225-A: Electrical apparatus comprising a reversible front plate patent, US-4292485-A: Lever switch with improved actuating member patent, US-4321533-A: Printed circuit board test fixture having interchangeable card personalizers patent, US-4331897-A: Commutator apparatus for rotary electric machine patent, US-4364183-A: Heliostat-adjusting solar sight patent, US-4467471-A: Circuit arrangement for time-division multiplex telecommunication switching systems for multi-channel connections patent, US-4490406-A: Process for obtaining light and crispy soybean proteins of agreeable taste and product thus obtained patent, US-4493261-A: Reinforced explosive shock tube patent, US-4497058-A: Method of error correction patent, US-4552409-A: In situ oil shale retort with controlled permeability for uniform flow patent, US-4578916-A: Connecting and pressure-distributing element for concrete structural members patent, US-4582143-A: Forwardly-folding agricultural implement patent, US-4588421-A: Aqueous silica compositions for polishing silicon wafers patent, US-4628653-A: Insulated concrete panel patent, US-4630586-A: Fuel injection pump for internal combustion engines patent, US-4631439-A: Cathode-ray tube having cylindrical faceplate and shadow mask with minor axis curvatures patent, US-4706393-A: Ski boot fastener patent, US-4725788-A: Switching amplifier patent, US-4739806-A: Device for forming the shed in a weaving loom patent, US-4881165-A: Method and apparatus for high speed data transmission between two systems operating under the same clock with unknown and non constant skew in the clock between the two systems patent, US-4922355-A: Illuminated beverage vessel patent, US-4995304-A: Extendable cylinders of elastically variable length for use in a pump patent, US-5031781-A: Wallcovering display rack patent, US-5044684-A: Molding for windshield of automobile patent, US-5083314-A: Sports glove patent, US-5131962-A: Low-residual type soldering flux patent, US-5144111-A: Electric cigar lighter with bimetallic snap active temperature controlled switching off patent, US-5152651-A: High-speed nut patent, US-5184080-A: Test apparatus for opto-electronic time based generator of an ignition system patent, US-5185639-A: Fiber sample holder patent, US-5186595-A: Apparatus for loading and unloading a workpiece patent, US-5209997-A: Three roll fuser patent, US-5214789-A: Radio channel allocation based on location of mobile users patent, US-5446785-A: Telephone terminal equipment in which telephone numbers of callers are displayed patent, US-5473637-A: Open-loop phase estimation methods and apparatus for coherent demodulation of phase modulated carriers in mobile channels patent, US-5497905-A: Vending machine, and release mechanism patent, US-5524037-A: Circuit configuration for generating even-numbered duty factors patent, US-5568253-A: Sample holder for sample testing apparatus patent, US-5661659-A: Instrumentation power supply and read unit for testing gearboxes through various speeds and gears patent, US-5676447-A: Signal light oscillating mechanism patent, US-5699592-A: Concealed woven slide fastener patent, US-5704187-A: Composite utility pole patent, US-5758978-A: Thrust ball bearing patent, US-5791724-A: Air stabilizer device for bluff road vehicles patent, US-5796324-A: Surface mount coil assembly patent, US-5805968-A: Ceramic rollers patent, US-5811685-A: Fluid pressure sensor with contaminant exclusion system patent, US-5833005-A: Fog producing fire-fighting system patent, US-5894568-A: Apparatus and method for computing a difference in a digital processing system patent, US-5895401-A: Controlled-artifact magnetic resonance instruments patent, US-5915579-A: Container with tamper-evident and pre-lockable closure assembly patent, US-5931573-A: Emergency vehicle light bar patent, US-5969580-A: Transition between a ridge waveguide and a planar circuit which faces in the same direction patent, US-5983667-A: Cryogenic system for producing ultra-high purity nitrogen patent, US-6005602-A: Message delivery method for interactive televideo system patent, US-6098605-A: Method and apparatus for operation of an internal combustion engine in a true closed loop fuel control patent, US-6109197-A: System for loading ships at sea patent, US-6148879-A: Wood planing machine patent, US-6154356-A: Laminated ceramic device patent, US-6190596-B1: Process for producing cellulosic shaped objects patent, US-6234116-B1: Heat retaining dog house patent, US-6280254-B1: IC card connector patent, US-6299028-B1: Container with pump for discharging bubbles patent, US-6358155-B1: Automatic bowling pin setter or skittle setter machine patent, US-6379038-B1: Temperature determining device and process patent, US-6536794-B2: Tow hitch assembly for all-terrain vehicles patent, US-6632416-B2: Zeolite SSZ-53 patent, US-6633339-B1: Method and device for seamless-decoding video stream including streams having different frame rates patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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