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US-2931905-A: Probe for a scintillation meter arrangement patent, US-2947815-A: Telegraph signal error counting circuit patent, US-2955017-A: Process of flowing filamentis in laminar flow surrounded by an outer area of turbulent flow patent, US-2973506-A: Magnetic translation circuits patent, US-2986966-A: Stabilized optical system patent, US-3008338-A: Variable speed pulley mechanism patent, US-3024504-A: Sealing means for swinging doors and windows patent, US-3056873-A: High voltage oil circuit breaker patent, US-3059527-A: Motion picture projector patent, US-3061596-A: Emulsion polymerization procedure patent, US-3068082-A: Rust inhibited hydrocarbon fuel patent, US-3072803-A: Transistor utilizing a longitudinally directed magnetic field patent, US-3081737-A: Xerographic apparatus for applying ferromagnetic powder patent, US-3083734-A: Rolling seal diaphragm patent, US-3083881-A: Applicator and mixer for viscous materials patent, US-3090733-A: Composite nickel electroplate patent, US-3096171-A: Process for preparing slow release fertilizer composition patent, US-3100948-A: Wild fowl call patent, US-3101487-A: Mounting bracket for furniture springs patent, US-3106188-A: Farrowing pen patent, US-3111922-A: Method of making sheet metal elbows patent, US-3113926-A: Drum filter patent, US-3126773-A: taylor patent, US-3137878-A: Mop and adjustable handle assembly for mops and the like patent, US-3138075-A: Apparatus for folding carton blanks patent, US-3142883-A: Tie rod and anchor bolt combination with external anchor point patent, US-3145096-A: Method of degassing of molten metal patent, US-3147658-A: Apparatus for perforating sheets patent, US-3149062-A: Electrodialysis apparatus patent, US-3152026-A: Method of manufaccturing semi-conductor devices of the wide-gap electrode type patent, US-3152777-A: Jet propelled aerostat patent, US-3166945-A: Impulse generator patent, US-3173692-A: Phonograph tone arm patent, US-3175177-A: Electrical resistance device patent, US-3188957-A: Ring stabilizer patent, US-3190673-A: Push cart for self-serving stores patent, US-3191445-A: Angular rate measuring device patent, US-3219713-A: Hydrochlorination of perchlorolefins patent, US-3224335-A: Umbilical retract mechanism patent, US-3224375-A: Apparatus for establishing plasma boundary surfaces patent, US-3231728-A: Reset integrator patent, US-3236601-A: Method of detecting unconjugated catechol amine metabolites patent, US-3240006-A: Calendar timepiece patent, US-3247482-A: Traffic control systems patent, US-3251526-A: Actuating mechanism for vertical welding dam patent, US-3252512-A: Method of assisted oil recovery patent, US-3263663-A: Engine patent, US-3269736-A: Dynamic seal for cryogenic use patent, US-3271788-A: Trackless swimming pool cover patent, US-3276088-A: Tape and slide assembly patent, US-3279751-A: Shrouded turbine or compressor blade patent, US-3285598-A: Wire spring assembly for seat structures patent, US-3285732-A: Continuous single-zone thermophilic phase composting process patent, US-3285774-A: Method of treating wood with an organic solvent-soluble fire retardant patent, US-3296769-A: Device for opening carton flaps patent, US-3319790-A: Filters employing a fibrous paper roll patent, US-3353399-A: Shock testing machine patent, US-3368729-A: Film twister device patent, US-3382878-A: Shielding device for nail-hardening compositions patent, US-3391077-A: Method for improving the combustion characteristics of gasoline patent, US-3391824-A: Stacking container patent, US-3400406-A: Positioning means for sound attenuating ear cups on safety helmets patent, US-3403072-A: Hydrogenated diene polymers for bonding ethylene copolymer rubbers to a vulcanizablerubber body patent, US-3412573-A: Cryogenic quick freezing apparatus patent, US-3415620-A: Process for the production of potassium sulfate patent, US-3417175-A: Method for relief decorating plastic molded articles patent, US-3427276-A: Dispersions of polymeric organic compounds and process for making them patent, US-3428961-A: Universal joint with guided restraint system for pressurized assemblies patent, US-3430756-A: Structure for connecting the ends of a troughing roll assembly patent, US-3444107-A: Process of foaming a polymerizable cyclic vinyl ether composition patent, US-3459327-A: Shell and accessory case for skeet and trapshooters patent, US-3460577-A: Spool type valve patent, US-3468321-A: Convertible tent structure patent, US-3472624-A: Desulfurization of particulate coke patent, US-3476538-A: Process and apparatus for controlling the flow of molten glass patent, US-3478622-A: Marine transmission patent, US-3485994-A: Apparatus for resistance welding spaced contact elements onto a strip of material patent, US-3492917-A: Broaching apparatus patent, US-3494119-A: Large diameter double twist spindles employed in the textile industry patent, US-3499715-A: Radius measuring microscope patent, US-3510003-A: Vertical filter apparatus patent, US-3525521-A: Exercise bars patent, US-3532303-A: Air device of flying vehicle with the shape of a dish that can displace itself in any direction patent, US-3533593-A: Mold for congealable foodstuffs and the like patent, US-3538762-A: Phase displacement torque measuring system with shaft misalignment compensation technique patent, US-3563480-A: Apparatus for stopping a takeup bobbin patent, US-3565180-A: Plow construction patent, US-3595513-A: Portable test instrument leveler and support patent, US-3600838-A: Bait-harnessing fish hooks patent, US-3635203-A: Antidieseling device for internal combustion engines patent, US-3638120-A: Coulometer and timing apparatus patent, US-3649896-A: Control circuits for an electric tractor patent, US-3660754-A: Apparatus for measuring conductivity in a dissipative medium with electrically short probes patent, US-3681449-A: Catalytic preparation of chloroacid chlorides patent, US-3683404-A: Multi channel monitoring and printing recorder apparatus patent, US-3689775-A: Interlock control system patent, US-3689898-A: Information processing system patent, US-3690573-A: Gyratory crusher securing and adjusting mechanisms patent, US-3695418-A: Suspended display package patent, US-3702596-A: Incinerator sludge concentrator combination patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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