Screw nut cover of ship

선박의 스크류우너트 보호캡

  • Inventors: KIM, KI - BOM
  • Assignees: 김기범
  • Publication Date: September 08, 1992
  • Publication Number: KR-920007592-B1


A screw nut protection cap (1) for a screw shaft (11) fixing a screw by double lock nuts (8)(9) has a conical shape. The cap has several projected parts (4) each with an elliptical hole (3), and envelops an elastic member. If the projected parts of the cap are fitted to the boss of the screw and fixed by round-head bolts, the righthanded nuts (8) are elastically supported by the hexagonal elastic member, which consists of six plate springs supported by supporting ribs projected on the inner wall of the cap.
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