Method of making a vibrating element for ear-phone

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The method for manufacturing an earphone vibrator by press- forming a Mylar film on a side of a washer type ring comprises the steps of: (1) applying adhesives in dual layers (13,14) on a brass plate to be punched for the holes of a 1st type ring's inner diameter; (2) temporarily and adhesively applying a Mylar film (20) on the coated adhesive layer (14) of the brass plate to heat-press the film (20) on the ring's face periphery; (3) taking out the formed Mylar piece (20) and brass plate (11) to execute a blanking in the outer diameter of the 1st type ring (1a) to obtain a finished vibrator (10a); (4) removing the remaining Mylar film (20) to apply another Mylar film (20) and execute another blanking in an outer diameter of 2nd type ring (16). The vibrators, the sizes increasing stepwise, are repeatedly produced from the same brass plate.
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